Advances in Pediatric Neuroradiology 2015

Advances in Pediatric Neuroradiology 2015

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    Advances in Pediatric Neuroradiology 2015


    Updates in Pediatric Neuradiology Part 1

    1. Update on Radiation Safety and dose Reduction In Pediatric Neuroradiology

    2. Advanced Diffusion Tensor Imaging Applications In Childhood

    3. Functional Imaging In Pediatric Neuroradiology


    Updates in Pediatric Neuradiology Part 2

    4. Evidence Based Imaging in Pediatric Neuroradiology

    5. Intraoperative MR

    6. Cranial and Spinal Ultrasound- How I Do It


    Nonaccidental Trauma Update

    7. Trauma of the Coverings and Extraaxial Spaces of the Brain

    8. Nonaccidental Trauma of the Spine

    9. Advanced Imaging of Head Trauma


    Pediatric Spine & The Phakomatoses

    10. Congenital Spine Anomalies

    11. Acquired Pediatric Spine Anomalies

    12. The Phakomatoses


    Congenital Brain

    13. Congenital Anomalies in the Newborn and Infant

    14. Fetal MRI of CNS Brain Anormalies

    15. Hydrocephalus Update_ Understanding and Assessing Hydrocephalus


    Vascular Disease of Childhood

    16. CNS Vascular Malformations_ Diagonosis and Treatment

    17. Pediatric Stroke and CNS Hemorrhage

    18. Hypoxic Ischemic Injury in Newborn


    Pediatric Brain Tumors

    19. Supratentorial Tumors

    20. Infratentorial Tumors

    21. Tumor Mimics


    Metabolic Diseases of Childhood

    22. Leukodystrophies and Leukoencephalopathies

    23. Neurometabolic Disorders of the Newborn


    Pediatric Head & Neck I

     24. Skull Base and Cranial Nerves


    Pediatric Head & Neck II

    25. Developmental Masses of the Neck

    26. Head and Neck Tumors

    27. Emergency Imaging of the Pediatric Head and Neck