NOTICE covid 19

Dear Doctor,

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic environment, staff are working remotely from home. We will be monitoring all inquiries and orders as usual.

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Please note: Physical product orders will still be processed within 48 hours of receipt. Slight shipping delays may occur. Online store courses product are posted in both downloadable link & USB formats with 15% off are available immediately upon purchase.

Inline with social distancing practice, we are currently encouraging to buy your desirable courses in downloadable link format to save money & time. If you have any inquiries/questions, we will be checking emails regularly.

The fastest way to reach us is with the live chat feature on the blue button right hand corner of the website. As well as WhatsApp connection to strength our customer service relations.

Stay Safe, we are hoping to resume normal business operations as soon as possible.


(A downloadable link format feature is the right option for you)

Your continue support, keep us in right track to fulfill your inquires.