AABB Annual Meeting On-Demand 2019

AABB Annual Meeting On-Demand 2019

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FR1-01 AABB-THOR Workshop on Hemorrhagic Shock Therapies
FR1-03 Manufacturing Cellular Therapies Challenges, Solutions and Creating Synergy for Success
MN1-01 Evidence Based Approach to Newer Coagulation Products Andexanet (anti-Xa agent reversal)
MN1-02 Can Platelet Availability and Safety be Improved By Using Paid Donors and Pathogen Reduction Technologies
MN1-03 Recent Advances on the Role of Complement in Adaptive Immunity
MN1-04 What is New with Reimbursement and Coding for Blood Products, Transfusion Medicine and Cellular Therapies
MN1-05 The Coopetition Advantage The Case for Cooperation between Competing Companies
MN1-06 Navigating the Challenges of Monoclonal Antibodies and Transfusion Therapy
MN1-07 You Too Can be a Superhero Internal Audits to the Rescue
MN1-09 Evidence-Based Apheresis Treatment Guidelines and ASFA Choosing Wisely Best Practice Recommendations
MN1-10 BB SBB Exam Review 2019
MN2-11 Ask the FDA and CMS
MN2-12 Improving Patient Outcomes through Implementation of a Preoperative Anemia Program A How-to Guide
MN2-13 The Un Usual Suspects Out of the Ordinary Transfusion Reactions
MN2-14 Gene Editing Technologies and Their Practical Applications for Cellular Therapies
MN2-15 Oral Abstract Session Transfusion Medicine Surveying Practices and Trends
MN2-16 Technical Challenges in Pediatric Apheresis Priming, Anticoagulation and Electrolyte Replacement
MN2-17 From Transfusions to Thrombosis Is There a Link
MN2-18 Hemostasis on Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation Therapy
MN2-19 2019 Hemphill-Jordan Leadership Award and Lectureship
MN2-20 Information Technology Validation and Beyond
MN3-21 Prothrombin Complex, Fibrinogen,and FXIII Concentrate Use in Non-Hemophilia Patients What is Happening Around the World
MN3-22 Red Cell Exchanges for Patients with Sickle Cell Disease Automated RBC Exchange, Depletion-Exchange
MN3-23 So You Think You have Found a New Allele
MN3-24 Test Your Blood Bank Knowledge 2019 Blood Bank Game of Games
MN3-26 Proficiency Testing The Who, What, When, and Why
MN3-27 Revolutionizing Cellular Therapy (AABB NMDP Joint Session)
MN3-29 Gender Identification Challenges and Blood Donation Education, Regulation and Experience
MN3-30 Burned out in Transfusion Medicine How to Keep Cool and Carry on
MN3-31 Current Update on Next Generation Blood Products for Treatment of Mass Casualty, Military
NBF CORD Summit (Council on Research and Development) – Learning from the Past to Shape the Future
SN1-01 Trasplante De Celulas Progenitoras Hematopoyéticas Para El Paciente Hispano Avances y Retos Para Encontrar
SN1-02 Blood Bank Mythbusters
SN1-03 Under the Hood of the CAR Progress, Practical Considerations, and Product Quality Aspects of CAR-T Cell Development
SN1-04 From Research to Action Implementation of Different Strategies to Mitigate for Donor Iron Deficiency
SN1-05 Blood Centers and Cellular Therapy Time to Tango
SN1-07 Liver Transplantation – Blood Product Utilization and Perioperative Therapies

SN1-08 The Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research at the FDA An overview of regulatory review, research, and policy activities
SN1-11 2019 Emily Cooley and Tibor Greenwalt Memorial Awards and Lectureships
SN2-11 Wizardry School of Antigens and Antibodie
SN2-12 Picture This Instances and Images from Transfusion Medicine (and History) Illustrated
SN2-13 An Update on the Diagnosis and Treatment of Thrombotic Thrombocytopenic Purpura, and a Glimpse into the Future
SN2-15 Oral Abstract Session Molecular and Other Testing New Alleles, Antigens and Methods.mp4
SN2-16 Oral Abstract Session Novel Information on Predictors and Outcomes in Transfusion Medicine
SN2-17 Chronic Work-Related Stress and Burnout The High Cost of Ignoring Stress in the Workplace
SN2-18 Rompecabeza De Casos Clinicos Que No Siguen Las Caracteristicas Reportada En La Literatura
SN2-20 Basics of HLA for Apheresis Practitioners
SN3-21 Cellular Therapies (CT) Sizzling Topics Luncheon – Create A Spark- Discussion on Current Cellular Therapy Topics
SN4-22 Antibody Mediated Disease in the Fetus and Neonate, What Transfusion Medicine Specialists and Obstetricians Need to Know
SN4-23 AABB Meet AI BB Artificial Intelligence and Systems Biology in Transfusion Medicine
SN4-24 To Tell the Truth FDA Reportable or Not
SN4-25 Recent Studies from the Pediatric Critical Care Blood Research Network (BloodNet)
SN4-26 Current Challenges Facing Transfusion Medicine Leadership
SN4-27 Mechanisms and Treatment for Hyper Hemolysis in Sickle Cell Disease
SN4-28 FDA Recommendations You Love to Hate An Update on Babesia Testing and Bacterial Risk Control Strategies
SN4-29 Transfusion Medicine Informatics for Patient Blood Management
SN4-30 2019 Sally Frank Memorial Award and Lectureship
SN4-31 Flipped Classroom in Action See One, Do One, Go out and Teach One
SN5-32 What Is Standard of Care for Transfusing Cancer Patients Comparing Practices Among Leading Cancer Centers
SN5-33 Research and Progress (RAP) Session A Whole New World If Whole Blood is the New Transfusion Therapy
SN5-34 Research and Progress (RAP) Session The Role of Viscoelastic Testing in Bleeding Patients Precision Transfusion Therapy
SN5-35 Transfusion Medicine, Hemostasis, Apheresis, and Cellular Therapy Review Session for Trainees
SN5-36 Oral Abstract Session New Innovations, New Techniques and New Technologies
SN5-37 Oral Abstract Session Blood Component Innovation
SN5-38 Great Expectations for High-Resolution HLA Genotyping By Second- and Third-Generation Sequencing
SN5-39 CT Research and Progress (RAP) Session Natural Killer Cell Generation and Novel Application
ST1-01 Hear Ye Hear Ye Debate on the Big Topics in Blood Use in Trauma Resuscitation.
ST1-02 Red Blood Cell Storage The Oxygen Paradox
ST1-04 Paternity Testing _ Human Identification How methods developed for blood banking led to advances
ST1-05 How Severe Is This Donor Reaction International Validation of a Severity Grading Tool-Putting It into Practice
ST1-06 Understanding Human Error for Improved Transfusion Safety
ST1-07 Men Who Have Sex with Men (MSM) Transforming Policies Around the Globe.
ST1-08 Developing a Training Program for Future Cellular Therapy Professionals

ST1-09 Bioprinting Translational Pathway to the Clinic (AABB TERMIS-AM Joint Session)
ST1-10 Practical Considerations in Directing an Apheresis Service
ST2-11 Ask the Standards
ST2-12 A Practical Approach to Designing an Emergency Transport Transfusion Program
ST2-13 The Role of Transfusion Safety Officers Tackling and Supporting Patient Blood Management
ST2-14 Practical Hemostasis in Transfusion Medicine Applications of Point-of-Care Testing and Coagulation Assays
ST2-15 Oral Abstract Session Infectious Disease
ST2-16 Oral Abstract Session Donor Collection Issues
ST2-17 Clinical Applications for Adipose-Tissue Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells (AABB IFATS Joint Session)
ST2-18 Leadership Pearls of the Laboratory Discovering, Engaging, and Maintaining Laboratory Leaders
ST2-19 Emerging Technologies in Continuous Cell Separation for Cellular Therapy and Sickle Cell Disease
ST2-20 Emergency Event Planning in the Transfusion Service
ST3-21 Therapeutic Apheresis in Hyperviscosity Syndromes Evidence, Practical Consideration, Limitations, and Alternatives
ST3-22 NBF Grant Recipients Lecture and Luncheon
ST4-24 Graft Engineering for Cell-Based Therapies Before and Beyond CAR T Cells
ST4-25 Evidence Based Guidelines Toward Optimizing and Standardizing Transfusion Care
ST4-27 AABB Standards and Accreditation in Plain English
ST4-28 Oral Abstract Session New Concepts in Transfusion-Mediated Immunization and Inflammation
ST4-29 Oral Abstract Session Red Blood Cell Preparation and Storage
ST4-30 Contemporary (and Interactive) Bioethics in Transfusion Medicine and Cell Therapy
ST4-31 Cases and Lessons Learned from Serological and Molecular Cases in Patients with Ethnic Diversity
ST4-32 Bringing Animal Models, Human Studies and Epidemiology Together to Understand RBC Alloimmunization
TU1-01 PBM Certification and Standards Clarification The Journey from Good to Great
TU1-02 Will Rare Blood be There When Needed Meeting Exquisitely Rare Blood Requests, One Patient at a Time
TU1-03 Document and Change Control It is Not Easy, but Everybody of Gotta Do It
TU1-04 HLA Epitope Matching Towards Precision Medicine in Transfusion and Transplantation
TU1-05 How Human Factors Engineering Can Save Your Lab
TU1-06 How Do We Improve Our Vigilance for Malaria While Retaining Donors
TU1-07 Principles and Troubleshooting of Apheresis Understanding How It All Works with As Little Math As Possible
TU1-08 Leading at the Speed of Trust Using the 13 Behaviors to Develop, Restore, and Extend Smart Trust in Your Key Relationships
TU1-09 New Concepts on the Role of Monocytes in Health and Disease
TU1-10 From Transmutation to Rejuvenation Transfusion in Popular Culture
TU2-11 Back to the Future Setting up and Managing a Whole Blood Transfusion Program
TU2-12 Challenges of Terminology and Bioinformatics for Blood Group Systems (AABB ISBT Joint Session)
TU2-13 Update Your Critical Appraisal Skills Apply a Critical Approach to Appraising the Medical Literature
TU2-14 Is a Physicians Group and Outpatient Clinic a Good Fit for Your Blood Center
TU2-15 Oral Abstract Session Advances in Cellular Therapies
TU2-16 Oral Abstract Session Emerging Trends in Transfusion Practice
TU2-17 2019 Karl Landsteiner Memorial Award and Lectureship
TU2-18 Challenges and Opportunities for Developing and Implementing Global Transfusion Standards 3/26/2020
TU2-19 Beyond Conventional Controversial Uses of Blood Components
TU2-20 Quality Risk Assessment in Cellular Therapy Laboratory
TU3-21 Mentorship How to Cultivate Talent and Promote from Within Your Organization
TU3-22 In Search of the Golden Donors Finding Special Donors for Special Blood Products