AAGP 2019 Annual Meeting course

AAGP 2019 Annual Meeting course

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1. Advances in the Molecular Imaging of Alzheimer's Disease Neurobiological Mechanisms of Disease and Neuropsychiatric Symptoms

2. Advocating for Older Adults When Guardianship is Not the Answer

3. Aging, Delirium, and Post-Intensive Care Syndrome Novel Treatments and Future Directions

4. Challenges in 21st Century Inpatient Geriatric Psychiatry and Long-Term Care Practice

5. Evaluation and Treatment of Sleep Complaints in the Older Adult

6. Financial Abuse of the Elderly The Role of Psychiatrists

7. Firearms Access and Implications in Older Adults with Cognitive Impairment

8. Gay and Gray IX Turning Red, White and Blue How a History of Military Sexual Trauma Impacts the Lives of Older LGBT Veteran

9. Geriatric Psychiatrists' Dilemma - Antipsychotics prescribing in Long Term Care

10. New Insights into Loneliness and its Treatment in Older Adults

11. New Research on Older-Age Bipolar Disorder (OABD) and Bipolar Disorder Across the Life-Span An Update From the International Society

12. Older Refugees Age Specific Challenges, Strengths, and Recommendations or Care

13. Public Policy Session 1 Advancing Health Equity through Public Policy

14. Public Policy Session 3 Connecting Surplus Medicine with Patients Policy & Technology

15. Public Policy Session 5 Asleep at the Switch How Geriatric Psychiatry, Implementation Science, and Health Policy

16. Quality Measurement in PsychPRO MIPS and Beyond

17. Racism and Ageism Addressing Patient and Physician Barriers to Improve Older Adult Care

18. Research Award Session Adventures in Dementia Epidemiology

19. Suicide in Late-Life Collaborative Approaches for Assessment, Prevention, and Treatment

20. Survive, Thrive or Die Out Medicare and the Practice of Geriatric Psychiatry.

21. Advocacy, Life and Death Geriatric Suicide and Physician Assisted Suicide

22. Ageist Policies - Discrimination Against Older Adults

23. Bridging the Gap between Neurology and Psychiatry-Atypical presentation of common neurodegenerative disorders

24. Caring for Older Patients with Complex Problems Challenges, Strategies, and the Veterans Health Administration Experience

25. Digital Tools in Geropsychiatry From Research to Patient Care

26. Driving in Dementia Advances in Research and Clinical Approaches

27. Public Policy Session 2 Architecture & Healing Raising the bar on resident-centered, long term care facility design

28. Public Policy Session 4 Ten years since the Federal Parity Law What Next Is Needed

29. Recipes for Adult Learning Innovations in teaching geriatric psychiatry

30. Results of the ADNI-Depression Study