Abdominal Imaging A Compressive Review 2017

Abdominal Imaging A Compressive Review 2017

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Session 1

Expert DDX: Cystic Renal Mass

Expert DDX: Cystic and Mucinous Pancreatic Masses


Session 2

Expert DDX: Cystic Liver Mass

Abdominal Hemorrhage: Diagnosis and Management 


Session 3

Diffuse Liver Disease Evaluation by CT + MR

Focal Lesions in the Noncirrhotic Liver (Definitive Dx by CT +/or MR)

Focal Lesions in the Cirrhotic Liver


Session 4

Fluoroscopy in the CT - Endoscopy Era

Complications of Bariatric Surgery - Clinical and Imaging Findings

Postoperative Imaging of Esophageal Cancer

Session 5

Antireflux Surgery: What the Radiologist Needs to Know EDDx: RLQ Pain

Expert DDX LLQ Pain (Diverticutisis, etc)

Session 6

Malpractice Issues for Radiologists

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