ACC Anywhere On-Demand 2019

ACC Anywhere On-Demand 2019

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Topics : 


ECG Overview 
Hands on ECG 
Optimizing the Patient Interview Tips and Tricks 
Practical CV Exam Don’t Miss the Clues 
Practice Guidelines – 2019 and Beyond 
Welcome and Introductions - 960x540 1596K

Advanced Imaging CT and MRI 
Cannabis and e-Cigarettes 
ShareCases of the Day 
Clinical Case Review, Wrap Up and Take Home Points 
Clinical Cases 
Diabetes Medication and CV Risk Reduction – Should Everyone Get One of These_ 
Echocardiogram Acquisition and Interpretation 
Hypertension Getting and Keeping Patients at the Goal 
Lipid Essentials – Implementing the New Prevention Guideline 
Managing Thyroid Disease in Cardiovascular Patients 
Practice Metrics, Contracts and Billing for APPs 
Stress Testing What to Order and When to Act 
Welcome and Introductions 

Acute Coronary Syndrome Review and Update 
Anticoagulation, DAPT and Perioperative Management 
ShareAtrial Fibrillation Management Strategies 
Cases of Perioperative Management and Care Coordination 
Coronary Angiography Primer 
Dietary Supplements What should we be telling our patients
ECG Case Conundrums 
Lifestyle Management in Cardiovascular Patients Weight Loss, Exercise, Smoking Cessation 
Managing Patients with Valvular Heart Disease 
Peripheral Arterial Disease – Updates on Diagnosis and Management 
Practical Pearls for HF Management 
Stable Ischemic Heart Disease Practice Implications 
SVT-VT Management 
Unexplained Syncope Uncovering Cardiac Causes and Pauses 
Welcome Back and Cases of the Day - Making it Practical 


Acute Coronary Syndrome 
Advanced HF How to Treat, When to Refer 
Heart Failure 
SharePulmonary Hypertension 
Valvular Heart Disease 
Welcome Back and Cases of the Day - Making it Practical 
Wrap Up and Action Plans 10 Points to remember 






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