Addiction Medicine Certification Board Review Course 2019

Addiction Medicine Certification Board Review Course 2019

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Foundations of Addiction Medicine

Review of DSM-5 Substance Use Disorders (0.5 Hours)

Overview of Addiction Treatment (1 Hour)

Neurobiology of Addiction (1 Hour)

Physiology of Addiction, Pharmacokinetic and Pharmacodynamic Principles (1 Hour)

Genetics of Substance Use Disorders (1 Hour)

Medical Co-Morbidities in the Substance Using Patient (1 Hour)

Psychiatric Co-Morbidities (2 Hours)

Screening, Assessment and Brief Intervention (1 Hour)

Clinical and Legal Considerations in Drug Testing (1 Hour)

Behavioral Interventions (1 Hour)

Motivational Interviewing (2 Hours)

Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Psychotherapy (1 Hour)

Review of Specific Substances

Cocaine Use Disorders (1 Hour)

Pharmacotherapy of Alcohol Use Disorders (1.5 Hours)

Pharmacologic Treatment of Alcohol Withdrawal (0.5 Hours)

Nicotine, Tobacco, and Cannabis Use Disorders (1 Hour)

Sedative Hypnotic Use Disorders (0.5 Hours)

Amphetamine and Other Stimulants Use Disorders (0.5 Hours)

Opioid Use Disorders (1 Hour)

Managing Pain in Patients with Addiction (2 Hours)

Other Classes of Drug Use Disorders (2 Hours)

Special Topics

Pregnancy and Women’s Health (1 Hour)

Adolescents and Young Adults (3 Hours)

Addiction and the Elderly (1 Hour)

Addiction in the Workplace (1.5 Hours)

Epidemiological Concepts and Trends of Substance Abuse Disorders (1.5 Hours)

Prevention and Public Health (1 Hour)

Ethical Issues in Addiction Practice (1.25 Hours)

Addiction Medicine and the Law (1.25 Hours)