Advanced Imaging of Sports Related Joint Injuries

Advanced Imaging of Sports Related Joint Injuries

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    Advanced Imaging of Sports Related Joint Injuries

    Shoulder Imaging

    • Important Anatomy of the Shoulder 
    • MR Imaging of the Rotator Cuff: Pearls and Pitfalls 
    • Superior Labrum: Anatomy, Variants & Pathology: How Do I Tell the Difference? 
    • Arthrsocopy with MR Correlation
    • MR Imaging of Shoulder Instability 
    • Imaging of the Post-Operative Shoulder 
    • How to Incorporate Diagnostic and Interventional US into Your Practice 

    Rapid Fire: Shoulder

    • Biceps Pulley Lesions-Nuts and Bolts 
    • AC Joint Pathology 
    • Frozen Shoulder 
    • Pec Tears

    Elbow & Wrist

    • Biceps & Triceps 
    • The Elbow in the Throwing Athlete 
    • Imaging of the Intrinsic Wrist Ligaments and TFCC 
    • Finger Imaging: When and How?
    • Pediatric/Adolescent Sports Injuries of the Elbow and Shoulder 

    Rapid Fire: Elbow & Wrist

    • Panners vs. OCD of Capitellum
    • Intersection Syndromes of the Wrist and Forearm 
    • Gamekeeper’s Thumb
    • Tennis Elbow
    • Therapeutic Interventions 
    • Interesting Elbow & Wrist Cases 

    Knee Imaging

    • Imaging the Menisci: Pearls and Pitfalls 
    • Combined Ligament Injuries in Athletes 
    • Extensor Mechanism 
    • Post-Op Knee Menisci and Ligaments 
    • Live Arthroscopy with MR Correlation
    • Cartilage Imaging: State of the Art

    Rapid Fire: Knee

    • ITB Syndrome 
    • Fat Pad Impingement Syndromes
    • Cysts and Bursae Around the Knee 
    • Advanced Imaging Techniques in MSK: The Need for Speed 
    • Interesting Knee Cases 


    • Soft Tissue Tumors: Can We Tell Them Apart 
    • Image Guided Tumor Biopsy: Tips and Tricks
    • Bone Tumors: What Do I Need To Know 
    • The Role of MR Imaging in Rheumatoid Arthritis 
    • Imaging of Stress Fractures 


    • Imaging FAI: How To Do It and What Do You See?
    • Athletic Pubalgia 
    • Extraarticular Hip Imaging: Tendons and Bursae
    • MR of Bony Abnormalities About the Hip: Fractures, AVN, Etc

    Rapid Fire: Hip

    • Greater Trochanteric Pain Syndrome
    • SI Joints and Sacrum 
    • Pyriformis and Ischiofemoral Syndromes 

    Ankle & Foot

    • Ankle Tendon Sport Injuries: What Do They Look Like and How Should We Image Them? 
    • Ankle Sprains: The Highs and Lows
    • Advanced Imaging of Lisfranc and Spring Ligament Injuries
    • Ankle Impingement 

    Rapid Fire: Foot & Ankle

    • Sinus Tarsi 
    • Metatarsalgia 
    • Morton’s Neuroma 
    • Interesting Foot & Ankle Cases

    Muscles and Nerves

    • Muscle and Nerves: What I Need to Know 
    • Using MRI to Help Prognosticate Sports-Related Muscle Injuries 
    • Neuropathies of Upper Extremity 
    • Neuropathies of Lower Extremity 
    • Percutaneous Treatment of Muscle and Nerve: When and How
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