ASE :  Cardiovascular Sonographer Registry Review 2019

ASE : Cardiovascular Sonographer Registry Review 2019

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1-cardiac embryology
2-myocardial histology and contraction
3-anatomy of the heart and basic embryology
4-tranoesophageal echocardiography
5-systolic and diastolic function
6-pulmonary valve disease
7-tricuspid regurgitation and stenosis
8-mitral valve stenosis
9-mitral valve regurgitation
10-aortic stenosis
11-aortic regurgitation
12-pericardial disease
13-cardiac missiles , myxoma , tumors
14-echo evaluation of aortic aneurysm and disseaction
15-ischemic heart disease
17-systemic and pulmonary hypertention
18-adult congenital heart disease
19-contrast and pharmacology
20-stress echocardiography
21-surgical interventional echocardiography
22-patient management , clinical medicine , emergencies
23-transthoracic echocardiography , nomenclature ,standard views
24-general principle of echocardiography