ASN Board Review Course & Update Online 2019

ASN Board Review Course & Update Online 2019

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ASN Board Review Course & Update Online 2019


    About this Activity

    The Board Review Course & Update (BRCU) focuses on key information needed to prepare for the ABIM Nephrology Board certification and recertification examinations. ASN structures and schedules this course to maximize participants’ readiness for these examinations. This course also provides a comprehensive and indispensable update for practicing nephrologists.

    BRCU Online includes:

    Original Release: August 2019


    BRCU Online 2019: Complete Program


    Assessment of Kidney Function and Structure; Perturbations in the Distribution of the Body Fluid and Electrolyte Disorders

    Approach to the Interpretation of Proteinuria, Albuminuria, Hematuria, and Urinary Sediment (Online) - Richard J. Glassock

    Estimating GFR: From Physiology to Public Health (Online) - Andrew S. Levey

    Welcome, Introduction, Certification, and Maintenance of Certification - Laura J. Maursetter, Mark A. Perazella, Roger A. Rodby

    Board Review Warm-Up Sample Questions - Laura J. Maursetter, Mark A. Perazella

    Urinalysis/Urine Microscopy: A Case-Based Approach - Mark A. Perazella

    Imaging Cases in Nephrology - Mark A. Perazella

    John B. Stokes Memorial Lecture: Physiology of Volume Control and Sodium Homeostasis (Online) - Mitchell H. Rosner

    Relationship between Sodium and Water: Principles of Hyponatremia and Hypernatremia - Mitchell H. Rosner

    Case Discussions: Volume, Sodium, and Water Disorders - Roger A. Rodby, Mitchell H. Rosner

    How to Study for the Boards: How to Approach a Board Question - Laura J. Maursetter

    Renal Cystic Disease Cases - Mitchell H. Rosner


    Bone and Mineral Metabolism; Transplantation

    Pathogenesis of Metabolic Bone Disease (Online) - Stuart M. Sprague

    Disorders of Calcium and Phosphate Metabolism (Online) - Zalman S. Agus

    Magnesium: Normal Physiology, Hypomagnesemia, and Mypermagnasemia (Online) - Zalman S. Agus

    Calcium/Phosphorous/PTH, Vitamin D, and FGF-23: Pathophysiology of Metabolic Bone Disease - Myles S. Wolf

    Treatment of Metabolic Bone Diseases - Tamara Isakova

    Metabolic Bone Disease Cases - Tamara Isakova, Myles S. Wolf

    Transplant Biopsy: Indications and Findings (Online) - Gilbert W. Moeckel

    Transplant Immunology - William M. Bennett, Michelle A. Josephson

    Transplant Cases - Michelle A. Josephson, William M. Bennett

    Post-Transplant Non-Infectious Complications - Michelle A. Josephson

    Post-Transplant Infectious Complications - Michael G. Ison

    Board Cases - Laura J. Maursetter

    CKD and ESRD

    Hemodialysis: Adequacy Metrics for Center HD and Frequent HD - What Are the Targets and How Do We Standardize Them? (Online) - John T. Daugirdas

    How Dialysis Works: Physics/Physiology of Dialysis: The Basics, Similarities, and Differences between PD and HD (Online) - John M. Burkart

    Cystic Kidney Disease: Inherited and Acquired (Online) - Arlene B. Chapman

    Principles of Drug Prescribing in Acute and Chronic Kidney Disease (Online) - William M. Bennett

    Common Medical Problems in the ESRD Patient - Mark L. Unruh

    CKD and ESRD: Sample Board Cases - Christopher T. Chan

    Dialysis Board Cases Christopher T. Chan

    ESRD Vascular Access - Michael Allon

    Dialysis: Cardiovascular and Blood Pressure Issues - Susan Hedayati

    Peritoneal Dialysis: Clinical Approach to Blood Pressure and Volume Control - Suzanne Watnick

    Anemia Management and Metabolic Acidosis in CKD - Joseph V. Nally

    Dialysis: HD/PD Adequacy Issues - Suzanne Watnick

    Peritoneal Dialysis: Infectious and Noninfectious Issues - Suzanne Watnick

    Hemodialysis: Selected Complications - Mark L. Unruh

    Board Review Cases - Laura J. Maursetter, Roger A. Rodby

    Glomerular and Vascular Disorders

    Diabetic Nephropathy (Online) - Raymond C. Harris

    Pathogenesis and Mechanisms of Glomerular Injury - Patrick H. Nachman

    Pathology of Glomerulonephritides - Glen S. Markowitz

    Idiopathic and Primary Glomerulonephritides - Laura H. Mariani

    Secondary Glomerulonephritides and Vasculitis - Ronald J. Falk

    Viral Nephritides, Including HIV, CMV and Hepatitis - Jai Radhakrishnan

    Glomerulonephritides Case-Based Workshop l - Ronald J. Falk, Laura H. Mariani, Glen S. Markowitz, Patrick H. Nachman, Jai Radhakrishnan

    Diabetic Kidney Disease Board Cases - Roger A. Rodby

    Dysproteinemias, Amyloid, Fibrillary Glomerulonephritis, and Thrombotic Angiopathies - Jai Radhakrishnan

    Glomerulonephritides Case-Based Workshop ll - Ronald J. Falk, Laura H. Mariani, Glen S. Markowitz, Patrick H. Nachman, Jai Radhakrishnan

    Onconephrology: Board Cases - Mark A. Perazella, Mitchell H. Rosner


    Hypertension; Acute Kidney Injury, ICU Nephrology, and Pharmacology

    AKI: Pathogenesis, Diagnosis, Biomarkers, and Risk Assessment - Meyeon Park

    AKI: Prevention and Non-Dialytic Therapy - Jay L. Koyner

    Acute Renal Replacement Therapies - Ashita J. Tolwani

    Case Discussions: AKI and ICU Nephrology - Jay L. Koyner, Meyeon Park, Ashita J. Tolwani

    Pathophysiology and Treatment of Essential Hypertension - Stephen C. Textor

    Secondary Hypertension: Clinical Syndromes, Diagnostic Workup, and Management - Joseph V. Nally

    Drug-Induced Hypertension - Tara I. Chang

    Renal Artery Stenosis, Renovascular Hypertension, and Ischemic Nephropathy - Stephen C. Textor

    Hypertensive Urgencies and Emergencies: Clinical Presentations and Therapy - Tara I. Chang

    Hypertension Case Discussions - Tara I. Chang, Joseph V. Nally, Stephen C. Textor


    Potassium and Acid Base; Tubulointerstitial Disorders and Nephrolithiasis

    Nephrolithiasis: Pathogenesis, Diagnosis, and Medical Management - David S. Goldfarb

    Nephrolithiasis: Challenging Cases David S. Goldfarb

    Nephrotoxins for the Boards - Mark A. Perazella

    Pregnancy and Kidney Disease - Michelle A. Hladunewich

    Acute and Chronic Interstitial Nephritis - Mark A. Perazella

    Poisonings and Intoxications - Laura J. Maursetter

    Potassium: Physiological Principles, Hypokalemia, and Hyperkalemia (Online) - Michael Emmett

    Acid-Base Disorders: Key Core Concepts (Online) - Thomas D. DuBose

    Hypokalemia and Hyperkalemia - Biff F. Palmer

    Non-Anion Gap Acidosis - Susie L. Hu

    Increased Anion Gap Metabolic Acidosis - Biff F. Palmer

    Metabolic Alkalosis - Susie L. Hu

    Acid-Base Board Cases - Biff F. Palmer, Mark A. Perazella, Roger A. Rodby

    Genetic Renal Disease - Barry I. Freedman

    Acid-Base, Electrolyte, Genetics, and Nephrotoxin Cases for the Boards - Barry I. Freedman, Laura J. Maursetter, Biff F. Palmer, Mark A. Perazella


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