Classic Lectures in Emergency and Urgent Care Radiology 2017

Classic Lectures in Emergency and Urgent Care Radiology 2017

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2017 Classic Lectures in Emergency & Urgent Care Radiology 


37.25 course hours


Session 1

Imaging of Acute Hemorrhage and

Ischemic Stroke 

Radiology Malpractice and Risk Management:

Leveraging the Patient Centricity Movement 

Imaging of the Patient with a Cranial Traumatic Event

Session 2

Imaging Maxillofacial Trauma

Head CT in the Emergency Patient: How to Conduct a

Basic Imaging Workup: Normals and Variants 

Cervical Spine Trauma: Pearls and Pitfalls 

Session 3

Non-traumatic Spinal Emergencies

The Economics of Back Pain 

Head and Neck Emergencies: Pearls and Pitfalls 

Session 4

Acute Injury at the Craniocervical Junction


Intracranial Trauma and Mass Lesions in the

Emergency Setting 

Failure of Radiologic Communication:

An Ever-Increasing Cause of Malpractice Litigation




Session 5

Imaging Craniocervical Spine Trauma 

Imaging the Cervical Spine 

Easily Missed Thoracolumbar Spine Injuries 

Session 6

Non-physician Providers: Bridging Quality Compliance and

Access to Health Care


Maxillo-facial Injury: Guiding Management 

Head Trauma and Neurovascular Injury 

Session 7

Stroke Imaging Update H

Imaging of Pediatric CNS Emergencies 

Diagnosing CNS Hemorrhage 

Session 8

CNS Venous Disease 

Imaging of the Adult Patient with Acute Pneumonia 

Neuroradiology Interesting Cases: Thinking Fast and Slow

Interactive CNS Interesting Cases 



Session 9

Acute Pulmonary Emboli Update

Blunt and Penetrating Thoracic Trauma 

Parenchymal Patterns on Emergent CT 

Session 10

Imaging the Patient with Common Pulmonary Complaints in the Emergency Department: Fever, Dyspnea and

Chest Pain


Chest Pain in the ER: When and How to Perform CTA 

Interactive Cardiac Imaging Cases in the

Emergency Patient .

Session 11

Critical Care Radiology: What's New? 

Pulmonary Embolism: Old and New Insights 

Emergency Imaging of the Chest in Infants and Children 

Interesting Cases




Session 12

The Patient with Respiratory Distress:

ILD and COPD Exacertation 

Acute Aortic and Cardiac Trauma

Atypical Aortic Cases: Pearls and Pitfalls 

Session 13

The Emergency Abdominal Transplant Patient 

CT of Bowel Obstruction from Simple to Complex 

Session 14

Imaging the Patient with Renal Injury both Blunt and

Penetrating: Sparing the Patient Surgery 



Emergency Imaging of the Abdomen and Pelvis in Infants

and Children


Pelvic Emergencies: Ultrasound First 

Session 15

Imaging of Solid Organ Injuries: What's New? 

Use of CT Angiography in Acute Intestinal Bleeding

Acute Abdominal and Pelvic Pain in the Pregnant Patient 



Session 16

Update of Blunt Abdominal Trauma

MDCT Imaging of Penetrating Injury to the Torso

Acute Pancreatitis and Biliary Tract Emergencies:

Imaging by MDCT 

Session 17

Imaging the Patient with Acute Bowel Obstruction

MDCT of Bowel and Mesenteric Injury



Session 18

Imaging Pelvic Trauma 

Difficult Fractures of the Lower Extremities

Interesting Abdominal Cases


Session 19

MDCT Multi-trauma Imaging 

The Acute Abdomen: Optimizing Protocols

Interesting Trauma Case Presentation 

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