Clinical Endocrinology Update (CEU) 2020

Clinical Endocrinology Update (CEU) 2020

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Imaging the Lung

Introduction to lung Ultrasound
Lung Anatomy and Introduction to Imaging
Basics and Artifacts of Lung Ultrasound
Imaging Modalities in COVID-19
Imaging a COVID-19 Patient
CT-Findings & Lung Ultrasound in COVID-19

Pleural Effusion

Complicated Pleural Effusions, Empyema & Raritites
Scanning for Pleural Effusions
Uncomplicated Pleural Effusions

Pulmonary Pathology

Consolidations Part 1
Consolidations Part 2
Diffuse parenchymal Lung Diseases & Other Diseases of the Lung

The Heart and the Lungs

COVID-19 and the Heart Part 1
COVID-19 and the Heart Part 2
Heart Failure

Ultrasound-Guided Procedures

Principles of Thoracic Procedures Part 1
Principles of Thoracic Procedures Part 2
Route to Biopsy
Tumor Staging

Release date: 1 Nov 2020
Expiry date: 1 Nov 2023