Comprehensive Review of Breast Imaging 2018

Comprehensive Review of Breast Imaging 2018

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  • Comprehensive Review of Breast Imaging 2018 (NEW !!)

    Breast Imaging - An Overview

    • Mammography – A Thousand Faces of Normal 
    • Calcium, the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly 
    • Architectural Distortion 
    • Practical Steps to Increase Your Cancer Detection Rate and Decrease Your Recall Rate 
    • Improving Interpretive Performance at Mammography: Case Studies
    • Correlating Ultrasound with Mammography and Clinical Findings 
    • The False Negative Mammogram – What Can We Learn? 
    • Tomosynthesis in the Screening Setting 
    • Tomosynthesis in the Diagnostic Setting 
    • Sonographic Assessment of Solid Breast Masses – Biopsy or Not 
    • Ultrasound Interventional Procedures
    • The Multimodality Approach to Breast Imaging

    Mammography – A State of the Art Update

    • Strategies and Problem Solving in Stereotactic Breast Biopsy
    • Evaluation and Management of Breast Asymmetries
    • Distinguishing Skin from Superficial Parenchymal Lesions
    • MRI for Equivocal Mammographic Findings – Help or Hindrance?
    • Breast Density and Screening Breast
    • Ultrasound of Breast Implants 
    • Diffusion Weighted Imaging – How to Make it Work
    • Radioactive Seed Localization 
    • An Introduction to Opto-acoustic Imaging -
    • MR Cases to Leave for Your Partner 
    • Z-011 and Imaging the Axilla – Is it Still Relevant
    • Breast Cysts That Are Not Simple – When Should I Worry?

    Breast Ultrasound

    • Breast Ultrasound – Equipment, Knobology, and Techniques
    • Breast Ultrasound Anatomy – Basis for Understanding Breast Pathology
    • Ultrasound of Invasive Lobular Cancer 
    • Ultrasound of DCIS- Histopathologic Basis for US Findings 
    • Ultrasound of DCIS – Second Look after MRI 
    • Ultrasound and Nipple Discharge -
    • Ultrasound of the Pregnant and/or Lactating Patients
    • 3D Ultrasound – Not Just Bells and Whistles 
    • Tricky Ultrasound Cases – Benign That Look Malignant and Malignant That Look Benign 
    • Uses of Color and Power Doppler Use in the Breast

    Breast MRI

    • Controversies in Breast MRI – Overdiagnosis and Overtreatment
    • Breast MR Interpretation - Chris Comstock, MD
    • Breast MR Biopsy – Tips and Tricks
    • Staging of Breast Cancer Using the Breast MR Coil 
    • Emerging Roles and Emerging Technology in Breast MRI
    • Breast MR Case Review: BPE or Cancer? 
    • High Risk Screening with Breast MRI 
    • The Role of MR in Locally Advanced Breast Cancer
    • DCIS and Invasive Carcinoma on Breast
    • Optimizing Breast MRI for the Clinical Radiologist
    • Breast MR BI-RADS Update 
    • Lobular Carcinoma: MR – a Tool for a Difficult Cancer 
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