CSAM Review Course in Addiction Medicine 2019

CSAM Review Course in Addiction Medicine 2019

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    Cannabis Use Disorder (2019) Salomeh Keyhani, MD, MPH
    Neurobiology of Addiction (2019) Edythe London, PhD
    Nicotine Use Disorder (2019) Smita Das, MD
    Opioid Use Disorder (2019) Soraya Azari, MD
    Pain and Addiction (2019) Andrea Rubinstein, MD
    Pregnancy and Women’s SUD (2019) Tipu Khan, MD
    Process Addictions Panel Gambling and Eating (2019)
    ShareSedative-Hypnotic Use Disorder (2019) Steven Batki, MD
    Spirituality and Mutual Help (2019) William Haning, MD
    Stimulant Use Disorder Steven J. Shoptaw, PhD
    Technology Addiction (2019) Robert H. Lustig, MD, MSL
    Adolescents, Prevention and Epidemiology (2019) Panel
    Alcohol Use Disorder (2019) Steven Batki, MD
    Club Drugs and Hallucinogens (2019) Abigail J. Herron, DO
    Co-occurring Disorders (2019) Richard Ries, MD
    Confidentiality, Ethics, 42 CFR (2019) David Kan, MD, DFASAM
    Ending the Stigma Surrounding Addiction, Clinician Self-Disclosure and Advocacy
    Evidence-based Psychological Treatments (2019) Stephanie Cardoos, PhD
    Maintenance of Certification (MOC)
    Medical Complications of Addiction (2019) Py Driscoll, MD


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