General Surgery Board Review

General Surgery Board Review

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Study with distinguished surgeons in this wide-ranging review featuring in-depth lectures focused on the educational needs of candidates preparing for ABS and ABSITE exams. The course is designed to expand your knowledge and capabilities as a surgeon through a review of new developments, medical guidelines and therapeutic options including non-conventional approaches. Highly focused case-based reviews are designed to increase competency in the areas most covered in certification and recertification exams. It is intended for residents and practicing surgeons preparing for these exams and for surgeons looking to incorporate the latest guidelines and recommendations into daily practice. It will help you to better:

  • Describe the appropriate evaluation and management of both common and uncommon problems encountered in clinical practice
  • Demonstrate an increased comprehension of the current standards and concepts in the practice of surgery
  • Recognize and apply new and evolving diagnostic and therapeutic interventions and their role in changing the classical approaches to problems in general, vascular, pediatric, and general thoracic surgery
  • Discuss the basics of surgical physiology and critical care
  • Explain evidence-based general procedures in pediatric, thoracic, gynecologic, urologic, and orthopaedic surgery
  • Summarize the latest advances in anesthesia for pain management
  • Integrate non-conventional principles and practices with conventional

Head, Neck, Endocrine 
Diseases of the Breast
Diseases of the Esophagus
Diseases of the Stomach 
Diseases of the Small Intestine
Appendicitis, Diseases of the Colon 
Diseases of the Rectum and Anus 
Surgical Aspects of Hepato-Biliary Disease and the Pancreas 
Spleen, Portal Hypertension, Diaphragm, Peritoneal Cavity 
The Pathophysiology of Laparoscopic Surgery and How to Avoid Problems 
Peripheral Arterial Disease and Miscellaneous
Carotid Artery and Aortic Disease 
Venous Diseases 
Trauma 1 
Trauma 2 
Hematology for Surgeons
Fluids, Nutrition, Surgical Infection 
Operating Room Safety, Systems of Care 
Immunosupression, Transplantation 
Critical Care 
Pediatric Surgery 
Surgical Specialties: Urology, Gynecology, Orthopedics 
The Principles and Complication of Chemotherapy and Radiation Therapy 
Thoracic Surgery 


Date of Original Release: December 15, 2015