Internal Medicine Board Review 2021

Internal Medicine Board Review 2021

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Read What Your Colleagues Are Saying About This Course

“Getting away from the office for a week and focusing on studying for this exam was just what I needed. I was able to stop worrying about how I was going to tackle this material and start narrowing down what I needed to focus on and identifying any weak points. I am thrilled to report that I passed my exam October 2010. Thank you Dr. Krasuski for organizing and developing this course!”

Allison Goldsmith, MD, Columbus, OH

“I found the course you gave the best review course I have ever attended. Since I have been in practice for 25 years I can offer a degree of validity to that statement. Your speakers provided clear concise and informative information about their subjects and gave insights into pathophysiology that I never knew existed. It cleared up a lot of doubts. I had in some of the areas I don’t always practice. I am using the online video to review and believe that is one of the most important aspects of this. I will also do the review questions after I have completed the lectures again. Your support staff were professional and ran the program like a military operation. Cudos to you for having come up with a superior product.”

Jorge Gardyn, MD, Amityville, NY

“I have the story of all stories. Previously I had failed the initial certification (Internal Medicine) exam 4 to 6 times. The ABIM notified me that was my last attempt to pass, otherwise I would have to go back to do at least another year of Internal Medicine Residency to regain my Board Eligibility 10 year exemption was up.

I did The Pass Machine live review course in Chicago, went thru all live lectures at least 1 more time, went thru all written lecture notes at least twice. Did the entire Q-bank.....TWICE for a total of just shy of 5,000 questions...

My compliment is this......I PASSSED!!!!!!! My situation couldn't have been any more critical with a new house, wife and kids. I would have lost my current job. I personally can't THANK API enough and can only hope my story helps others and becomes advertised widely within API. To all of API.....thank you, thank you and thank you again. I am forever in your debt.”

Todd Gray, MD, Davenport, IA

“I have been impressed with the course, including the depth of topic coverage, as well as the panel of physicians chosen as speakers. When I first signed up for the course, I did not know of anyone else who had taken the course. This course has provided me with didactic sessions and with materials I will be able to review at home in several formats, as well as board-style questions/answers. I compared to other board review courses – no other course offered all of these features and backed with the guarantee. I would highly recommend this course.”

Daniel Duran, MD, Knoxville, TN

“This course proved to be absolutely essential to passing the IM board exam! Each of the topic lectures were comprehensive yet concise enough to feel comfortable with answering any board question. Even the Acid-Base lecture was easy to follow. Planning to sign up again once MOC exam rears its ugly head!”

Allison Goldsmith, MD, Columbus, OH

“Best overall board course I have ever taken! In addition to the well-organized course materials, the faculty are attentive to important clinical pearls needed not only for passing the boards, but also important for providing excellent competent care for our patients with the latest best practices. The triple guarantee and attention to important details (excellent course materials, even markers, ad meals at a cost-effective hotel with a better negotiated rate) were much-appreciated bonuses. The availability to have an onsite as well as online course makes this an excellent choice.”

Valerie Pronio Stelluto, MD, FACP, West Roxbury, MA

“This review course was a fantastic review of Internal Medicine in regards to its focus on the IM Board Exam. It will be very useful in my clinical practice as well. The course was very attentive to my educational needs in helping me to optimize studying in the most effective way. The addition of online videos and questions further increased my satisfaction with this review. Finally, the specialists in each field represented here were exceptional.”

Jay Patel, MD, Aurora, OH

“I use the materials from the course for my clinical and expert witness work. Not only did I pass the test, I saw the material in a different way so it wasn't just rote memorization. Thank you.”

Karen Josephson, MD, Long Beach, CA

“I think this is a great review course. The information is relevant and speakers were all excellent. I would recommend this course to anyone.”

William Slama, MD, Zionsville, IN

“I think this was an excellent amount of information delivered in this short time. I have yet to do the exam to find out how the course helps. Irrespective of the exam, it is a good way to brush up and feel confident about practicing medicine. Speakers were great, knowledgeable and great presenters for the most part.”

Savita Sheth, MD, South Windsor, CT

“Overall, the course is very good. The convenience of being able to study at home cannot be overstated. The lectures were informative, educational and cleared up some ‘muddy waters’ issues for me. I learned something of value from every lecture.”

Mary Pellioni, MD, Temperance, MI

“Well-organized and pertinent material was the main focus, avoiding less helpful areas of internal medicine. The speakers were good and engaging. There was more than adequate time for some one-on-one interaction with the lecturers. Online access outside the conference venue was a big plus. I strongly recommend this course.”

Henry Roy, MD, Sweden, ME

“A great course! Choice of location (Arlington Heights, IL) was wonderful. For the intensity and focus required, it was refreshing to be away from the congestion of the down town, big-city areas. With the scope to be covered, I believe the presenters did a great job!”

Nzeribe, MD, Crystal Lake, IL

“The conference was compact and intense, but did hit all the major topics expected on the Board exam. Lecturers were very knowledgeable and audio-visual aids / slides were thorough. I would definitely recommend this course."

Faith M. Gray, MD, Atlanta, GA

“The whole course was excellent and well planned. I always like to attend live programs, it gets me out of my busy schedule. I would like to congratulate and commend you and all your staff for the excellent set up.”

Khalid Rauf, MD, Mader, CA

“I found The Pass Machine is an excellent course for review. After studying and preparing for the ABIM, The Pass Machine provided the last touches of knowledge that helped in preparation for the ABIM.”

Denyce Nichols, MD, Olympia Fields, IL

“Thank you for this very well-organized review, packed with high-yield facts and buzzwords. The presenters were excellent –they held our attention and gave frequent small breaks to keep it fresh. Highly recommend.”

Angela Self, MD, Fort Worth, TX

“Cardiology, internal medicine questions, GI.Pulmonary. ID, and Rhematology were great. Nephrologist was a very good teacher. He really simplified the formulas and helped to better understand Acid/Base.”

Sangita Patel, MD, Harvard, IL

“Comprehensive, focused and straight forward. Course is well organized, well prepared by the organizers, presenters and support staff very helpful and courteous.”

Sudha Cheekat, MD, Alpharetta, GA

“Whirlwind review with updates as well as review of basics that we don’t often think of in day-to-day practice. Hopefully I won’t be taking advantage of the guarantee!”

F. DeChurch, MD, Reidsville, NC

“Course was good overall. Some of the best presentations were in Cardiology (Dr. Kapoor) and Pulmonology – best presenters of these two topics, which was helpful.”

Annie-Marie Cole, MD, New Hope, MN

“A lot of good information; Overall well presented by excellent speakers. I appreciate the take-home course materials and ability to review lectures online.”

Mary Barres, MD, Louisville, KY

“This was an excellent review course – the core topics of IM were discussed without excessive detail. The course was very board-specific. It is an efficient way to learn about IM and score well at the boards.”

Christian Lu, MD, Irvine, CA

“One of the best courses that I have attended. I wish I had taken live course in 1st or 2nd year of residency, which would have helped me prepare for the exam & also help in patient care.”

Naveen Kumar Krishna, MD, St. Louis, MO

“I appreciated the pace of the course. All of the speakers were well organized and moved very quickly through the material. I feel we covered almost all of the important topics necessary to do well on the boards.”

Joseph Gaburl, MD, Columbia, SC

“Complete and detailed lectures. Complete review of all material. Better than my medical school and residency teaching. Most comments and lectures helping in my practice in addition to review for board exams.”

Michael Toiserkani, MD, Los Angeles, CA

“This is a concise, detailed review more intense than other review courses I’ve taken. The concept of questions followed by lectures then more questions keep me focused”

Marissa Magsino, MD, Orlando, FL

“The course was an excellent way to prepare for the boards. It is structured & keeps me motivated. Also, the topics will be useful for my future primary care practice.”

Charlemagne Guerrero, MD, Elmwood Park, IL

“Overall it is a very good course with very good contents, most of the speakers were very good. Staff was very accommodating and helpful.”

Hosn Maatouk, MD, Chesterton, IN

“Excellent experience. I just stumbled on the course online and I am so glad I did. Excellent faculty and staff. Pace of the course was great. Content extremely useful.”

Amna Buttar, MD, Milwaukee, WI

“I found this course very focused for the Board of IM, with excellent format and faculty. Very good review of IM with up-to-date information. Event was well-organized. Thanks!”

Diego Fallon, MD, Bradenton, FL

“Outstanding 5 day whirlwind review of Internal Medicine. Fast paced, excellent speakers, excellent handouts and online materials. Overall excellent course.”

Lisa Larkin, MD, Cincinnati, OH

“A well formatted course with a good combination of talks, sample board questions and ample stimulation of ways to focus my preparation further.”

Tye Young, MD, Billings, MT

“The course was good. A wonderful experience! It will not only help me for the board exam, but also in my office practice. Keep up the good work.”

Syedi Zaidi, MD, FACP, Sebastian, FL

“Great confidence-builder. Opened my eyes to what I really needed to study and concentrate on. Lecturers were great. It revealed my weaknesses and strengths.”

Bruce Bailey, MD, Santa Barbara, CA

“I want to thank the entire group of physicians at API for offering such an excellent prep course. I would highly recommend this course to anyone.”

RS, MD, North Canton, OH

“I think this is the best comprehensive and succinct review for internal medicine. It is ideal for new fellows in a busy fellowship.”

Shan Azeem, MD, Naperville, IL

“Wow! What a change from ACP courses that only review MKSAP. This was an intense, thorough review of Internal Medicine.”

Henry Rothfuss, MD, Newport News, VA

“Great review. Very comprehensive. Great tips on what the boards are looking for. Online videos are great for review.”

Heyun Cho, MD, Palm Desert, CA

“I thought this was an excellent course. On a scale of 1-10, it scores 100! I would recommend this course to anyone.”

Bill Slama, MD, Zionsville, IN

“Overall good review of high-yield material. The material is organized well and is a good source to review for the boards.”

Swathy Reddy, MD, Port Matilda, PA

“Great course, best bang for the buck. Well organized, enthusiastic speakers who are well-known experts.”

Swathy Reddy, MD, Port Matilda, PA

“Very comprehensive course. All topics were thoroughly covered. Laser focused coverage of material presented by dynamic speakers.”

Francisco Damels, MD, Haerstown, MD

“Information-packed yet precisely focused. The speakers were experts and concisely presented the topics vital to success in board exam preparation.”

Mauro Ortiz, MD, San Antonio, TX

“Great review course! Very intense, but well worth the time and money. Has great speakers and excellent coverage."

Princess Bordador, MD, Rancho Paolos Verdes, CA

“This course is a good comprehensive review for board preparation. The combination with a strong question bank, I feel I will be prepared for the test.”

Daniel Cano, MD, Victoria, TX

“The course gives you a wide overview. It helps start as well as motivates you to begin preparing for the exam. A good initial boost!”

Afi Bruce, MD, Las Vegas, NV

“It is an excellent, focused course with speakers who are knowledgeable and entertaining. Would highly recommend it.”

Janet Lawrence, MD, Portsmouth, VA

“Great review course with guest speakers that are easy to understand and thorough content. Also, free breakfast included!”

Kim Schurman, MD, Ft. Myers, FL

“This is by far the best intensive review course of Internal Medicine. Course was board-oriented and to-the-point. Thank you.”

A. Moustiatse, MD, Cliffside Park, NJ

“I honestly got a lot from the course. Very simple and very deep at the same time. I just love it!”

Jean Renelien, MD, Boca Raton, FL

“Good, clear-spoken, organized lectures. Strong foundation for Internal Medicine board certification/recertification.”

E. Geigel, MD, Windermere, FL

“It was greatly appreciated; everyone involved was supportive and helpful. Thank you to all.”

Ewa Hozakowska, MD, Pittsburgh, PA