Mayo Clinic Online Cardiovascular Review Course for Cardiology Boards and Recertification 2020

Mayo Clinic Online Cardiovascular Review Course for Cardiology Boards and Recertification 2020

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Topics :

Cardiovascular Board Review –
Pericardial, Cardiomyopathies, Hypertension, and Pulmonary Hypertension
The Cardiomyopathies (CHF)
Steve R. Ommen, M.D.
Amy W. Pollak, M.D.
Pulmonary Hypertension
Sudhir S. Kushwaha, M.D.
Pericardial Disease
Steve R. Ommen, M.D.
Vascular Disease
Diseases of the Peripheral Arteries
Amy W. Pollak, M.D.
Diseases of the Aorta and Great Vessels
Juan Bowen, M.D.
Thromboembolic and Other Venous Diseases
Robert D. McBane II, M.D.
Carotid and Renal Vascular Disease
Ian R. McPhail, M.D.
Coronary Artery Disease: Prevention and Chronic Stable CAD
Assessment and Primary Prevention of Patients at Risk for Coronary Artery Disease
Stephen L. Kopecky, M.D.
Assessment and Medical Management of Patients with Known CAD
Charanjit S. Rihal, M.D.
Revascularization for Patients with Chronic Coronary Artery Disease
Abhiram Prasad, M.D.
Evaluation and Management of the Patient with Cardiac Disease for Non-Cardiac Surgery
Michael W. Cullen, M.D.
Coronary Artery Disease: Acute Coronary Syndromes
ACS Part I – From Presentation to Reperfusion
Malcom Bell, M.D.
ACS Part II – From Reperfusion to Hospital Discharge
Malcom Bell, M.D.
Complications of Myocardial Infarction
Jeffrey B. Geske, M.D.
The Electrical System of the Heart: Electrocardiography, Arrhythmias and Channelopathies
Atrial Fibrillation & SVT: Diagnosis and Stroke Prevention
Christopher J. McLeod, M.B., Ch.B., Ph.D.
Atrial Fibrillation & SVT: Treatment
Malini Madhavan, M.B.B.S
Ventricular Arrhythmias
Siva K. Mulpuru, M.D.
The Cardiac Channelopathies (Brugada, CPVT, and LQTS)
Michael J. Ackerman, M.D., Ph.D.
The Electrical System of the Heart: Drugs and Devices
Antiarrhythmic Drugs, Interactions, and Proarrhythmias
Peter A. Noseworthy, M.D.
Syncope and Out of Hospital Arrest: Non-Invasive and Invasive Testing and Treatments
Abhishek J. Deshmukh, M.B.B.S.
Pacemakers, ICDs, and Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy
Raul E. Espinosa, M.D.
Valvular Heart Disease
Infective Endocarditis
Michael W. Cullen, M.D.
Valvular Stenosis
Rick A. Nishimura, M.D.
Valvular Regurgitation
Rick A. Nishimura, M.D.
Prosthetic Valves and Other Forms of Valve Disease
Jeffery B. Geske, M.D.
Congenital Heart Disease
Pregnancy and the Heart
Heidi M. Connolly, M.D.
Congenital Heart Disease: Part 1 – Simple
Carole A. Warnes, M.D.
Congenital Heart Disease: Part 2 – Complex
Carole A. Warnes, M.D.
Heart Failure
Medical Treatment of Chronic Stable Congestive Heart Failure
Paul M. McKie, M.D.
Medical Treatment of Acute Decompensated Congestive Heart Failure
Atta Behfar, M.D., Ph.D.
Evalution and Management of HFpEF
Barry A. Borlaug, M.D.
Cardiac Device and Replacement Therapy (Transplant)
Shannon M. Dunlay, M.D., M.S.
ECG Coding for the Board Exam
Abhishek J. Deshmukh, M.B.B.S.
Echo Focus Session
Basic Echo: Systolic and Diastolic Function Analysis
Classic M-Mode and LV Systolic Function
Sunil V. Mankad, M.D.
LV Diastolic Function
Jae K. Oh, M.D.
RV Function and Pulmonary Hypertension
Jeffrey B. Geske, M.D.
Assessment of Valvular Heart Disease
Mitral and Aortic Regurgitation
Sorin V. Pislaru, M.D., Ph.D.
Mitral and Aortic Stenosis
Vuyisile T. Nkomo, M.D., M.P.H.
Tricuspid Valve Regurgitation
Ratnasari Padang, M.B.B.S., Ph.D.
Prosthetic Valves
Lori A. Blauwet, M.D.
Assessment of Cardiomyopathies
Echo Assessment of Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy
Kyle W. Klarich, M.D.
Echo Assessment of Dilated Cardiomyopathy
Daniel D. Borgeson, M.D.
Constriction vs. Restriction Hemodynamics
Raul E. Espinosa, M.D.
Echo in the Diagnosis and Evaluation of Endocarditis
William K. Freeman, M.D.
Assessment of Ischemic Heart Disease
Stress Echo: Role, Risk Wall Motion Analysis and Appropriateness
Adelaide M. Arruda-Olson, M.D., Ph.D.
Role of Echo in the CCU- Mechanical Complications of MI and Mimics of Myocardial Infarction
Nandan S. Anavekar, M.B., B.Ch.
Special Topic Sessions
Sunil V. Mankad, M.D., and Mackram F. Eleid, M.D.
Special Topics in Echocardiography
Simple Congenital Heart Disease
Crystal R. Bonnichsen, M.D.
Recognizing Masses in the Heart
Kyle W. Klarich, M.D.
Interventional Echocardiography: How 3D Helps in Daily Practice
Jeremy J. Thaden, M.D.
Echocardiography Q&A Session
Live Question and Answer Session
Kyle Klarich, M.D.
William Miranda M.D.
Jeremy J. Thaden, M.D.
Jeffrey B. Geske, M.D.
Vuyisile T. Nkomo, M.D., M.P.H.


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