Pathology Board Review 2018

Pathology Board Review 2018

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  • Topics 

  • General Pathology

    • Cell Injury, Inflammation, Repair 
    • Hypersensitivity, Autoimmune Disease, Immune Deficiency 
    • Immunohistochemistry
    • Environmental Pathology 

    Anatomic and Surgical Pathology

    • Pathology of the Respiratory System
    • Pathology of Gastrointestinal System and Pancreas 
    • Pathology of the Male Urogenital System
    • Pathology of the Endocrine System 
    • Pathology of Soft Tissues 
    • Pathology of Bone 
    • Pathology of the Liver and Biliary System 
    • Pathology of Breast and Female Genital System 
    • Pathology of the Kidney
    • Pathology of the Skin
    • Pathology of the Central Nervous System 
    • Differential Diagnosis of Soft Tissue Tumors 
    • Cardiovascular Pathology 1 - Congenital Heart Diseases 
    • Cardiovascular Pathology 2 - Atherosclerosis and its Complications 
    • Cardiovascular Pathology 3 - Immune Mediated and Infectious Heart Diseasess - Cardiomyopathy 
    • Developmental and Genetic Disorders 1 - Causes of Birth Defects, Errors of Morphogenesis and Chromosomal Disorders
    • Developmental and Genetic Disorders 2 - Single Gene and Multifactorial Disorders 


    • Pap Smear (Cervical and Vaginal Cytology) — Benign/Reactive Changes and Squamous Intraepithelial Lesions (SILs) 
    • Pap Smear (Cervical and Vaginal Cytology) — Glandular Abnormalities, Quality Control and Quality Assurance 
    • Non-gynecologic Cytology — Respiratory Tract, Urine and Bladder Washings, Effusions and Peritoneal Washings, and Cerebrospinal Fluid 
    • Fine-needle Aspiration Cytology — Breast, Thyroid, Salivary Gland, Lymph Nodes, Liver, Pancreas, Kidney 

    Hematology Including Coagulation Disorders

    • Pathology of Red Blood Cells
    • Pathology of White Blood Cells
    • Pathology of Lymph Nodes
    • Pathology of Platelets and Coagulation

    Blood Transfusion

    • Blood Donation and Blood Components
    • Pre-Transfusion Testing 
    • Transfusion Reactions
    • Clinical Transfusion Medicine


    • Bacterial Infections )
    • Viral Infections 
    • Fungal Infections 
    • Parasitic Infections 

    Molecular Biology

    • Introduction to FISH, Conventional Cytogenetics and Arrays
    • Molecular Pathology: Introduction, Concepts and Techniques
    • Medical Genetics and Inherited Diseases
    • Neoplastic Molecular Pathology

    Clinical Chemistry

    • Laboratory Operations: Methods, Statistics, Quality Management
    • Lipids, Proteins and Enzymes
    • Water, Electrolytes and Acid-Base Metabolism
    • Endocrine Disorders and Hormones 
    • Clinical Toxicology and Therapeutic Drugs 

    Management, Quality Assurance and Organization of the Laboratory

    • Management, Quality Assurance, Organization of the Laboratory 
    • Lab Management Highlights




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