Radiologic Reasoning: A Rapid-Fire Multispecialty Review 2018 (ARRS VIDEOS)

Radiologic Reasoning: A Rapid-Fire Multispecialty Review 2018 (ARRS VIDEOS)

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Module 1 — Neuroradiology

  • Brain—Bruno P. Soares, MD
  • White Matter and Deep Brain Lesions: Diagnostic Clues—Kathleen R. Tozer Fink, MD 
  • Head and Neck—Alok A. Bhatt, MD 
  • New Head and Neck Mass: Next Steps—Tabassum A. Kennedy, MD 
  • Spine and Syndromes—Kathleen R. Tozer Fink, MD 

Module 2 — Nuclear Medicine

  • Neuroendocrine Tumors—Jonathan Edward McConathy, MD, PhD 
  • PET/CT—Chadwick Lewis Wright, MD, PhD 
  • Abdominal and Musculoskeletal Scintigraphy—Phillip H. Kuo, MD, PhD 
  • Endocrine and Cardiothoracic Scintigraphy—Pradeep Bhambhvani, MD 
  • SPECT/CT—Jonathan Edward McConathy, MD, PhD 

Module 3 — Genitourinary Imaging

  • Female Pelvis—Maria A. Manning, MD 
  • Male Pelvis: Scrotal Masses—Matthew T. Heller, MD 
  • Kidneys—Ania Kielar, MD
  • Retroperitoneal Mass Lesions—Matthew T. Heller, MD 
  • Ureters, Bladder and Adrenals—Daniele Marin, MD 

Module 4 — Gastrointestinal Imaging

  • Hepatobiliary and Gastrointestinal Tract Inflammation and Infection—Vincent Michael Mellnick, MD 
  • Pancreas: Benign and Pancreatitis—Ryan O’Malley, MD
  • Common Malignancies—Erica B. Stein, MD 
  • LI-RADS Update—Cynthia Santillan, MD 
  • Bowel Obstruction—Ryan O’Malley, MD 

Module 5 — Chest Imaging

  • Lung-RADS—Christopher Lee, MD
  • What Do I Do With this Pulmonary Nodule—Christopher Michael Walker, MD
  • Medical Devices in the Thorax—Ahmed H. El-Sherief, MD
  • The Incidental HRCT—Christopher Michael Walker, MD 
  • Thoracic Malignancies—David Naeger, MD 

Module 6 — Pediatric Imaging

  • Musculoskeletal—Apeksha Chaturvedi, MD 
  • Chest—David Saul, MD 
  • Abdomen—Unni K. Udayasankar, MD 
  • Newborn Intestinal Emergencies—Janet R. Reid, MD 
  • Neuroimaging—Laura Z. Fenton, MD 

Module 7 — Ultrasound

  • Scrotal Ultrasound—Corinne Deurdulian, MD 
  • First Trimester: Do No Harm—Anne M. Kennedy, MB, BCh, BAO 
  • Renal and Bladder Sonography—Gayatri Joshi, MD
  • Ultrasound Artifacts: What You Need to Know—Aya Kamaya, MD
  • Hepatobiliary Sonography—Aya Kamaya, MD 

Module 8 — Musculoskeletal Imaging

  • Core—Ambrose J. Huang, MD
  • Imaging Approach to Soft Tissue Masses—Jonathan C. Baker, MD 
  • Lower Extremity—Francesca Beaman, MD 
  • Characteristically Benign Soft Tissue Masses—Jonathan C. Baker, MD 
  • Upper Extremity—Hillary Warren Garner, MD 

Module 9 — Cardiac Imaging

  • Cardiac CT and MRI—Kate Hanneman, MD 
  • Coronary Artery Anomalies—Travis S. Henry, MD 
  • Pulmonary Artery and Aorta—Saurabh Agarwal, MD 
  • Systemic and Pulmonary Veins—John W. Nance, MD
  • The Pericardium—Travis S. Henry, MD 

Module 10 — Breast Imaging

  • Findings Detected During Screening Mammography—Phan T. Huynh, MD
  • Breast Cancer Detection With Screening—Stamatia V. Destounis, MD 
  • Screening With Ultrasound and MRI—Beatriz E. Adrada, MD 
  • Work-Up of the Diagnostic Patient—Stamatia V. Destounis, MD
  • Multimodality Diagnostic Cases—Laurie R. Margolies, MD

Module 11 — Vascular and/or Interventional

  • Arterial—Raja Ramaswamy, MD 
  • The Role of IR in the Treatment of Venous Thrombosis—Robert P. Liddell, MD
  • Non-Vascular—Elizabeth A. Ignacio, MD 
  • Interventional Oncology: Image Guided Ablative Therapy—Robert P. Liddell, MD 
  • Venous—Davood Joseph Abdollahian, MD, DABR