SCMR Scientific Meetings 2018

SCMR Scientific Meetings 2018

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    Case Session 01 Ischemic Heart Disease and Acute Chest Pain
    Case Session 02 Non-ischemic Cardiomyopathies
    Case Session 03 Pericardial Disease
    Case Session 04 Miscellaneous
    Case Session 05 Systemic and Inflammatory Disease
    Case Session 06 Pediatric and Congenital Heart Disease
    Case Session 07 Cardiac Masses
    Closing Plenary Session
    Focus Session 01 Making CMR Easier and Faster
    Focus Session 02 CMR in Acute Coronary Syndromes
    Focus Session 03 Global and Regional Function Analysis
    Focus Session 04 Is it Normal
    Focus Session 05 Right Ventricle Evaluation
    Focus Session 06 Coronary Imaging The Last Frontier
    Focus Session 07 Added Value of CMR in a Multimodality Imaging Scenario
    Interventional CMR Course
    Lecture Session 01 Current and Future Perspectives to Improve Patient Care in Heart Failure
    Lecture Session 02 Machine Learning Artificial Intelligence and Post Processing
    Lecture Session 03 CMR and Womens’ Heart Disease
    Lecture Session 04 Advanced Ischemia Imaging
    Lecture Session 05 MRA and 4D Flow
    Lecture Session 06 New Techniques in Development
    Lecture Session 07 Imaging in Cardio-Oncology
    Non-Cardiologists Course
    Opening Plenary Session
    Oral Abstract Session 01 Early Career Awards 1 Clinical
    Oral Abstract Session 02 Early Career Awards 2 Translational
    Oral Abstract Session 03 Non Iscemic Cardiomyopathy Evaluation and Outcome
    Oral Abstract Session 04 Early Career Awards 3 Basic Science
    Oral Abstract Session 05 Diagnosis of Ischemic Heart Disease and Perfusion
    Oral Abstract Session 06 CMR and Arrhythmias
    Oral Abstract Session 07 CMR in Valvular and Vascular Diseases
    Oral Abstract Session 08 PC1 – OA1 CMR in Pediatrics and Congenital Heart Diseases I
    Oral Abstract Session 09 PC4 – OA2 CMR in Pediatrics and Congenital Heart Diseases II
    Outreach Session Inflammatory Heart Disease – Multisystem Diseases
    Outreach Session Ischemic Heart Disease
    Outreach Session Outcomes Research and Imaging
    Outreach Session Population Based Studies and Big Data
    Pediatric Congenital Preconference
    Pediatric Track
    Physician’s Preconference
    SCMR ISMRM Co-Provided Workshop
    Short Lecture 01 Tissue Characterization
    Short Lecture 02 The Role of CMR in Valvular Heart Disease
    Short Lecture 03 Clinical Trials and Drug Development by CMR
    Short Lecture 04 Function and Structural Analysis
    Short Lecture 05 MRI viability How and Why
    Special Session 01 Parametric Mapping in Pediatric and Congenital Heart Disease
    Special Session 02 Hypertrophic Heart CMR for Diagnosis – Discuss with the Experts
    Special Session 03 CMR in Myocarditis Diagnosis, Treatment Evaluation and Outcome
    Special Session 04 Interventional CMR From Birth to Primetime – Discuss with the Experts
    Special Session 05 Tissue Characterization Discuss with the Experts
    Special Session 06 New Techniques Ready for Clinical Application
    Technologist Track Session 01 CMR Technical Methods
    Technologist Track Session 02 CMR How To
    Technologist Track Session 03 Ischemic Heart Disease
    Technologist Track Session 04 Nonischemic Cardiomyopathy
    Technologist Track Session 05 CMR Outcomes and Surgical Planning
    Technologist Track Session 06 Oncology
    Technologist Track Session 07 Oral Abstracts
    Technologist Track Session 08 Electrophysiology
    Technologist Track Session 09 Congenital 1
    Technologist Track Session 10 Congenital 2


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