The osler General Surgery 2019 Online Review

The osler General Surgery 2019 Online Review

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Abdominal trauma
Abdominal wall and hernia
Appendix, small bowel and spleen.
Basic immunology and organ transplantation.
Benign anorectal and colorectal disorder.
benign breast.
Breast cancer.
Burn & inhalation injury.
Cardiac critical care.
Cardiac Surgery.
Colon, Recta and anal cancer.
Congenital GI disorder.
discussion 2.
Esophageal disorder benign and malignant.
Fluids, Electrolytes & Acid-base.
Gastrointestinal bleeding .
General Surgery 2019 Online Review – The Osler Institute_32
genitourinary & gynecology
head & neck surgery.
Head & neck trauma.
Hepatobiliary and portal hypertension 1.
Hepatobiliary and portal hypertension 2.
Infection & antimicrobial therapy.
Mediastinum and chest wall disorders .
Medical Ethics.
Multiple endocrine neoplasia.
Nutrition & metabolism.
Oncology and tumor biology.
Pancreas benign and malignant disorder
Parathyroid disease.
Pediatric trauma and emergency
Pelvic trauma.
Peripheral artery disease.
Preoperative evaluation & perioperative care
Pulmonary critical care.
Pulmonary surgery benign and maliganant .
Shock and multiorgan failure
Skin and melanoma.
Stomach and duodenum benign disorder.
Stomach and duodenum,small bowel malignant disorder.
surgical oncology.
The adrenal.
Thoracic trauma.
Transfusion & disorders of coagulation.
Vascular surgery and endovascular yherapy.
Venous disease.



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